How long will it take to finish my new kitchen, bath, etc.?
The time table depends on the scope of your project. Plan on 30 days to 6 months depending on the size and detail of your project.

How much is the average cost of a new kitchen? Bath? Mastercraft Design
Cost estimates
Cabinets only $1000 - $60,000
Countertops only $250 - $25,000

Modest pull and replace: not structural or mechanical changes $25 - $35,000
Better kitchen remodel: possibly modest mechanical changes $35 - $45,000
Higher end kitchen remodel $45 - $60,000
Full kitchen remodel with interior change $60 - $95,000

Cabinets only $150 - $15, 000
Countertops only $100 - $7500

Modest pull and replace: no structural or mechanical changes $8 - $15,000
Better bath remodel $15 - $25,000
High end bath remodel $25 - $45,000
Rework plumbing possibly to another location Full master bath/suite remodel $45 - $75,000

How much do I have to put down?
Down payment is 50% of cabinet purchase; balance on delivery. To keep overhead low, we do not accept credit cards (cash or checks only.)

What is the guarantee on the cabinets? Mastercraft Design

Kraftmaid: http://kraftmaid.com/footer/cabinets/warranty.aspx



CWP: http://www.cwpcabinetry.com/contact.htm

Omega Cabinetry: http://www.omegacab.com/warranty.asp  

Does Mastercraft install cabinets?
We did installations for over 10 years and were quite good at it. We are currently taking a break and referring installations to some of our current contractor trade. Some of these contractors we have worked with for over 18 years.

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